Juliana Chase

  • PhD student, Psychology Department


Current Research

I am primarily affiliated with the Wilbrecht lab, where I study differences in learning across multiple genetic autism models through behavior, electrophysiology, circuit tracing, and computation. I am also loosely affiliated with the DeWeese lab, where I’m a voyeur to the theoretical.


I’ve been interested in using animal models to understand nervous circuit function and structure for many years. Before Berkeley I worked in the enteric nervous system, the prefrontal cortex studying executive function, and in the ventral basal ganglia parsing the role of dopamine release in addictive behaviors. At Berkeley, I’ve continued in the basal ganglia (now the dorsal region) by studying circuits involved in learning. I appreciate how Redwood provides a space where neuroscience and philosophy meet and a place where, as a non-theoretical experimentalist, I’m kept humble.

Outside of the lab and science you can find me on a trial run or a bike ride in the Oakland hills, singing in a gospel choir, and learning to play drums.